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CMLX3 Designation

The purpose of the CMLX program is to produce certified MLS management specialists as recognized by the accreditation program of the Council of Multiple Listing Services. CMLX3 is the most comprehensive industry leadership program ever offered through the MLS industry for executives

This designation is reserved for industry visionaries, respected leaders, and trailblazers who will participate in this dynamic program as senior executives and rising stars in the MLS industry and are ready to make a lasting contribution to the marketplace. The program includes Organizational Best Practice Assessment process and a reading list of recommended research before attending several in-person sessions during the course of a year.

CMLX3 certification generally requires travel to several leadership retreats, participation in ongoing executive-level coaching sessions, and the completion of a benchmark industry project as an individual or as part of a team. Only a limited number of applicants are accepted into this program every year.