Human Resources
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CMLS Human Resources Section Council

The CMLS Human Resources Section Council  is a grassroots engagement group focused on human resources within the MLS industry. It is made up of human resources directors and executives within the MLS industry from across North America.

This includes the strategic role human resources plays in managing people and the corporate culture in any workplace, with human resources playing a seamless role in the communication of culture, vision, goals, and objectives throughout the entire organization. It also addresses recruitment and compensation strategies; reinforces the value that an experienced, skilled, and strong staff can bring to the organization; and ensures knowledge and adherence to legal requirements.

One area of focus for the Human Resources Section Council this year is to utilize and communicate effective human resources strategies, systems, and policies that contribute to the overall success of the member MLSs while meeting the needs of employees, leadership, and other stakeholders.

The Human Resources Section Council recently updated the CMLS Human Resources Best Practices Guide.