Leadership Governance
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CMLS Leadership/Governance Section Council

The CMLS Leadership Governance Section Council is a grassroots engagement group focused on MLS leadership and governance issues. It is made up of leaders within the MLS industry from across North America.  As such, this section describes and documents various structures and internal mechanisms that foster a unique level of collaboration with the real estate industry.

This section asks: How do large firms, small brokers, agents and the MLS staff meet and make plans and decisions that benefit the membership as a whole with a focus on serving the needs and interests of their clients? Then it answers this question based upon the insights and experience of its members.

These insights are kept up to date in the Leadership & Governance Best Practices document, giving the leaders of an MLS the tools they need to deal with challenges and make decisions in a way that strengthens the MLS and fosters harmony and collaboration among its members as they work to deliver information and service to home sellers and buyers.The Leadership & Governance Section Council updated the best practice guide in March, 2018.