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CMLS Resources

CMLS believes in sharing the expertise of our members while advancing policies, best practices, and education as a foundation for tomorrow. The CMLS Resource Center organizes the latest industry resources.

CMLS Brings It To The Table | Washington, D.C.

The Brings It To The Table series workshop addresses the pressing issues shaping the industry today. Interested in resources from this year's session? Click below to view resources and slide decks shared during the workshop.

CMLS Best Practices

CMLS is proud to provide MLS Best Practices, which set out to improve the MLS industry through the development, establishment, and evolution of MLS best practices. Visit the Best Practices section for the most recently published documents.

RESO Data Dictionary

RESO created a Migration Starter Kit  to assist Data Providers and MLSs with Data Dictionary certification. The starter kit provides recommended steps and a mapping template. A completed template will help identify the changes required for your MLS to be compliant.

RESO Data Dictionary Assistance

RESO published a spreadsheet that includes all of the consultants who can assist with Data Dictionary certification. That list can be found  here . You can also contact RESO staff to help with the mapping and certification process. Email all questions to

CMLS Essentials

The CMLS Essentials section introduces new tools and resources for the MLS industry. Recently published resources include: 

• CMLS White Paper on Data Distribution

•Home Energy Information Guide