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CMLS Technology Section Council

The CMLS Technology Section Council works to improve industry standards through the development and establishment of MLS Best Practices as they relate to Technical and Information Technology (IT). This includes technologies that range from copiers, phone systems, networks and automated support services to MLS systems and other software that promotes productivity, responsiveness, and profitability.

As technology is paramount for an organization’s health, risk management, and legal/policy compliance, it is essential for professionals and organizations to construct and maintain living, breathing, and ever-evolving Best Practices that provide a benchmark from which all regional and/or association-owned MLSs can measure themselves. From there, MLSs may then strive to obtain even higher levels of excellence and achievement.

The CMLS Technology Section Council is currently developing and nurturing a thriving MLS community to share information, educate members, and provide peer networking in support of best practice documents.