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FBS Introduces Marketing Conversion Service for new Flexmls (MLSs) Customers

Monday, February 11, 2019  
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Fargo, North Dakota - FBS (Flexmls®, Spark®, and Spring®) introduces additional conversion service for new Flexmls MLS customers. With a 40+ year track record, 150+ MLS Flexmls customers, and 240,000+ current MLS member subscribers, FBS has long-established, proven, experienced teams and systems in place to manage both the software conversion to Flexmls and the subsequent training, education, and post-conversion support for MLS staff and member subscribers. Today, they add pre-conversion marketing services to their conversion services offering.

FBS Vice President of Marketing, Kim Prior, states, “As a technology and software company responsible for successfully
administering products to more than 150 MLS organizations and 240,000+ customers, marketing communication is absolutely critical. We have a dedicated team of in-house experts responsible for creating, designing, and delivering various marketing communication campaigns via all media channels. We’re extending that team’s effort outward, providing MLS clients with our marketing expertise during the brief but important window prior to their technology transition to the Flexmls Platform.”

From the results of many conversions over the years, Prior’s experience is that stand-out, successful MLS system conversions start with proactive MLS communication about the technology change (before the actual conversion activity begins). She adds, “Pre-conversion member communication sets expectations of what’s to come and helps soothe some of the natural resistance and anxiety around change while minimizing surprises, disruption, and chaos. Early engagement with the MLS provides a runway of opportunities to learn about why the change is happening and what might change and improve. In the end, the knowledge gained from a well-executed, pre-conversion communication plan increases the member subscriber’s confidence, control, and acceptance around the change.”

This new service will commence after contract execution between FBS and the MLS, and prior to the system conversion.
FBS marketing staff will help set goals and actions around announcing the platform change, collaborate to build a strong
pre-conversion member communication plan, and provide a suite of marketing communication assets to facilitate the plan.
Kim summarizes that this early-stage work sets the tone for what the MLS can expect from FBS from day one. “System conversions can create vulnerability, frustration, and stress. It’s our goal to minimize that as much as possible by working with MLSs from day one, as a true business partner. By helping them deliver clear and timely communication, experiences are elevated and real estate professionals get back to the business of selling homes, faster. Everyone wins.”

About FBS, Creators of Flexmls
FBS is the leading innovator of MLS technology and one of the industry’s three largest MLS technology providers, serving
more than 240,000 real estate professional subscribers on its Flexmls® Platform. Flexmls is one of many apps and
software products largely built on the standards-driven Spark® API technology platform, the industry’s first and most
utilized API. FBS is a 100% employee-owned company (ESOP) and has a 40-year track record of product innovation and
personal service. They have earned one of the highest ongoing (10+ years running) customer service performance measurements in any industry, an NPS® of 84. Based in Fargo, North Dakota, discover more about FBS at