MLS Membership
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CMLS is currently rolling out a new membership structure. Stay tuned for updates, renewals and enrollment to open for new members. 

As an MLS member, you and your organization come together with other real estate industry leaders to explore issues and exchange ideas that serve to improve the marketplace and elevate the industry.

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Through membership, your organization and designated members will receive a growing number of member benefits and insider access into the heart of the MLS community.

Primary Contact Benefits

  • Primary Contact designates organization members
  • Eligible to vote on behalf of their MLS organization
  • Eligible for nomination to the CMLS Board of Directors

MLS Primary and Associate Member Benefits

  • Priority registration at annual CMLS Conference
  • Priority registration for workshops and hotel discounts
  • Full access to CMLS website offerings and resources
  • Professional profile on CMLS website member list
  • Eligible to vote for the CMLS Board of Directors (up to 10 eligible voters per organization)
  • Eligible to participate in CMLS Section Councils
  • Eligible to contribute to workgroups and initiatives
  • Eligible to serve as CMLS representatives with other associations
  • Eligible to enroll in the CMLX certification program
  • Subscription to CMLS newsletter and member communication
  • Direct recipient of all CMLS-sponsored industry surveys

Organization Benefits For All Staff

  • Eligible to attend annual CMLS Conference at a discounted member rate*
  • Eligible to attend workshops and webinars at discounted member rates*
  • General access to CMLS website features and resources
  • Optional subscription to CMLS newsletter and member communication

*subject to availability

MLS Membership is available to any organization that operates as a real estate multiple listing service. All CMLS memberships are on a calendar year.