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CEO Denee Evans: Is 'Better' Your Obsession?

Friday, May 10, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Betsy Hanson
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Originally received by CMLS members on May 10, 2019, CMLS CEO Denee Evans' "Is 'Better' Your Obsession?" Letter shares her thoughts on why this is such an important time for the industry after a cumulation of successes and continued momentum through cooperation and collaboration. This will be the year the MLS industry can develop a shared vision and define the next iteration of the market.

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”
– Pat Riley

This is one of my favorite quotes and one that has been top of mind for me lately.

Sipping my coffee this morning before the rest of the house stirs, I find myself reflecting on the last four years since I accepted the CEO role at CMLS. Hard to believe I now have a kid in high school, another dog and a few more smile lines. And almost more unbelievable is how far we’ve come as an organization and a community. Yet, there is so much more for us to do.

I want to personally thank you and invite you to join me in celebrating the success CMLS and our members achieved in 2018 - you can read about some of them here.

Encouraged and excited by our accomplishments and foreseeing the opportunities that lie ahead, I believe we’ve only just begun. Though each MLS’s path may be different, the result is the same – we must work together toward excellence. Toward becoming better.

I think we can agree, since I hear it from so many of you, that we no longer operate in a reactive manner. CMLS members are proactively combining resources, aligning efforts and operating with the highest standards in order to thrive in this new competitive marketplace. Competition makes us better.

We are moving from inspiring change to leading the change. It is from you, our members and our community, that CMLS learns and defines 'better' practices that improve the MLS. I implore you to stretch toward a higher level of better.

There are many ways we can stretch, and I’d like to share a few we’ve gathered from you and your peers with the hope that each will help guide you in this new marketplace:

• Exceed current policy requirements with a renewed focus on how best to serve your customers. Serve better.

• Embody customer-centric practices particularly regarding data distribution. CMLS has provided a better preliminary trail map here.

• Develop and implement procedures that allow you to respond to IDX requests in less than five days. Sound impossible? Take a step. Make a goal!

• Embrace data standards and foster technological innovation. Clearly communicate what is available and its potential uses as well as what is not available and why. Communicate better.

• Explore new ways to collaborate with other MLSs to maximize your strengths, improve your buying power, leverage scalability, enhance support services, and reduce the number of listing inputs. Work with your neighbor better.

• Articulate the Value of MLS to customers, partners and the consumer. Raise awareness that off-MLS, coming soon, pocket-listing, pre-MLS, and other delayed inventory access nomenclatures are not in the best interest of the consumer. Promote better.

The heart of MLS is cooperation. The efficiency, clarity and vibrancy of the U.S. residential real estate market is the envy of the world and is worth preserving. The MLS is not a tool for gaining a competitive advantage, it is a marketplace that fosters competition through cooperation. Develop and support your leaders in making strategic decisions that focus on the long-term success keeping this spirit alive. Foster an environment that strives to be better.

There has never been a more important time to recommit to ensuring cooperation and compensation survives and thrives. To show that together we are Making The Market Work®. To make certain that buying and selling homes is easier for the consumer.

I have the incredible benefit of talking with and learning from the finest people in our industry each and every day. We have an industry full of extremely talented, passionate and dedicated people. People that wake up each day with the purpose to be better.

Kobe Bryant said it all – “Best is the enemy of better. Best is an end goal, an excuse: “I did my best.” Best is the past. Better is the future ... Better is a mission. Better is an obsession……”.

Is better your obsession? Remember: Customers first. Efficiency matters. Take intelligent risks. Approach things with high intention, sincere effort, vision, skillful execution and the leadership to see obstacles as opportunities. Don’t settle for best, be better. Demand excellence.

That’s Making The Market Work® for everyone. That’s MLS.

My Best,
Denee Evans