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Certified Multiple Listing Executive

Welcome to CMLX, the professional accreditation program of the Council of Multiple Listing Services. Our certification program will identify, recognize, produce and certify Management Specialists in the MLS industry.

The program is designed for MLS specialists. It is not intended solely as a training ground for an entry level MLS staff person: certification holders will be a prestige group which sets a performance precedent and attracts designation candidates. It is the intent of the program to set a role model design and competency expectations, and to establish a core subject matter. The understanding of the subject matter will set a standard for the MLS executive profession and establish professional competency standards.


Prospective Participants


CMLX Summary

Read the full CMLX overview outlining the program, the benefits, and an overview of the Certification Levels.  Read More


For Volunteer Leaders: CMLXv


For MLS Professionals: CMLX1


For MLS Executives: CMLX2


For MLS Experts: CMLX3


Current Participants

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