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CMLX1 Designation

The purpose of the CMLX program is to produce certified MLS management specialists. CMLX1 recognizes professional competencies in MLS management skills and industry knowledge.

It is both a mark of commitment for your skill and knowledge acquisition and an important core competency benchmark within the MLS industry. CMLX1 has transitioned to an online self-paced offering.

Featuring five self-paced modules, the course covers:

1.      The Evolution of the MLS

2.      Customer Service and Support

3.      Marketing and Communications

4.      Financial Management and HR

5.      MLS Technology and Data

Access the learning center

Looking to sign up one of your volunteers for CMLXv? They'll need a guest account. Click here for information.

If you are a staff member of a CMLS organization without a primary or associate member account please register with a "CMLX only" account to sign up for CMLX1 courses.