MLS Data for Housing Studies
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5/1/2019 at 8:08:06 PM GMT
MLS Data for Housing Studies
We receive numerous requests for MLS data for different organization/municipalities that want to conduct housing studies. Does anyone have policies/procedures that they are willing to share? Does anyone charge for the data?

6/6/2019 at 1:32:53 PM GMT
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We have also received various requests over the years. While I don't believe we have an official policy around these requests, we do evaluate the request based on a variety of factors including the requesting entity, the use case of the data, the amount of data, and if we feel it will be of benefit to our real estate community, then obtain approval from leadership to proceed. A couple of examples where we have provided data include an economist working with one of our service area State Associations to provide quarterly County level data analysis to identify geographic movement in and out of each area. This particular project was executed by a MLS Staff member and the summary report provided to the economist. Another ongoing initiative we participate in is to provide a data feed to a local University that uses the real estate data along with many other data elements to detect the underlying economic trends and competitive advantages in each of the ten counties in one of our service states. This originally started with only some of the Northern counties and in 2017 encompassed the whole state and shifted to an annual report. I don't believe we charged on either of these; we felt it was an opportunity for us to give back by providing real estate information about our local economy in an aggregate manner.

Meg Garabrant
Director of Marketing & Communications