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Broker Data Access Policy Recommendation 1 B. Hanson The NAR board of directors passed the policy on Friday. Here's the motion that passed:That a new policy statement establish the right of Participants to receive a data feed of their own listing information, which reads:A Multiple Listing Service must, upon request, promptly provide an MLS Participant (or the Participant's designee) a data feed containing, at minimum, all active MLS listing content input into the MLS by or on behalf of the Participant and all of the Participant's off-market listing content available in the MLS system. The delivery charges for the Participant's listing content shall be reasonably related to the actual costs incurred by the MLS. The data feed must be in compliance with the RESO Standards as provided for in MLS Policy Statement 7.90Be on the lookout for a survey from CMLS to understand what you're already doing locally and get volunteers for our implementation work group. We'll be releasing resources in early September. Do you have any concerns about local implementation? We want to hear them. Please share here or email me directly at
by B. Hanson
Monday, May 18, 2020
MLS Data for Housing Studies 1 Greater Lansing Association of Realtors We have also received various requests over the years. While I don't believe we have an official policy around these requests, we do evaluate the request based on a variety of factors including the requesting entity, the use case of the data, the amount of data, and if we feel it will be of benefit to our real estate community, then obtain approval from leadership to proceed. A couple of examples where we have provided data include an economist working with one of our service area State Associations to provide quarterly County level data analysis to identify geographic movement in and out of each area. This particular project was executed by a MLS Staff member and the summary report provided to the economist. Another ongoing initiative we participate in is to provide a data feed to a local University that uses the real estate data along with many other data elements to detect the underlying economic trends and competitive advantages in each of the ten counties in one of our service states. This originally started with only some of the Northern counties and in 2017 encompassed the whole state and shifted to an annual report. I don't believe we charged on either of these; we felt it was an opportunity for us to give back by providing real estate information about our local economy in an aggregate manner.
by M. Garabrant
Thursday, June 6, 2019
List Price for Auctions 0 New York State Alliance of MLS's I am looking for a rule regarding the List Price for Auctions. Currently, it is allowable to put in a $1.00 if there is no reserve price. If you have a rule that you would like to share, feel free to email it to me at
by New York State Alliance of MLS's
Thursday, March 7, 2019
Build to suit lots constitute a listing? 0 J. Legrand Hello, I have a scenario I was hoping to get some feedback on. A broker in our MLS has a contract with a builder in our area. The contract states that whenever a lot/proposed home is sold to a buyer this brokerage represents the builder in negotiations with the buyer. After the sale is finished they would like to record the sale in the MLS. My question is would you consider this a listing since there is no listing contract? How does your MLS handle these type of agreements between builders and brokerages? Thanks
by J. Legrand
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Noting Security Devices for Showings 0 MLS of Southern Arizona We've got a group of agents and brokers who are concerned with possible recording and surveillance devices in homes. Their concern is that while showing a property, the homeowner and agent will be able to see and listen to them while they tour the home and use that information in potential negotiations. For example, if the potential buyer says that they are in love with the kitchen and must have the property, the seller will hear that information and counter with a full price offer. This group is requesting a field in the MLS noting if there is a recording device in the home. Are there any MLSs who have a similar field or any similar experiences you would be willing to share? Thanks, Sean Murphy MLSSAZ.
by MLS of Southern Arizona
Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Opt-in/Out of Social Media sharing 5 M. Wurzer Joe, we have quite a few MLSs who interpret their IDX policy as allowing sharing of IDX listings on social media sites. John, I think you're right on with this statement, which is why I'm thinking CMLS needs a best practice on this topic: "This sounds like a nightmare to police. To me, the best practice is first, if an agent wishes to display other offices' listings on their social media site it must comply with IDX rules. Second, if an office doesn't want their listings appearing on social media sites, they'll need to opt out of IDX completely. Building in a layered IDX opt-out that permits for just social media opt out sounds like a logistical nightmare."
by M. Wurzer
Friday, March 9, 2018